Maria Khait

Everything happens for a reason
With a background in philosophy, I chose the theme “everything happens for a reason” as I find it especially intriguing. I am fascinated by the long chain of seemingly unimportant events that result in the momentous occasions of our lives. I am particularly interested by the rippling, domino effect of this process.

How it works:
The viewers communicate to the computer through the box with the puppet hadler, by rotating the box both ways down the longest side. The user gets an idea that he has control over something that will be on the screen. The butterfly on the screen moves only when the box is not still, and lands randomly, causing absolutly random and unpredictable connection between the people in the bottom window, “the viewers”. Whenever a new connection is created, a book that lies on the side reacts, by opening the next page and letting the user to leave his thoughts on it. In the end, book should look like a game, the one where people write one sentence each and then hide it from the next player, until the end. They read the full, usually funny weird story after everybody is done. Everything happens for a reason.

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