Yiting Shou

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Yeonhee Jo

Valentine Ammeux

I have been working on the theatre play The Seagull, by Anton Chekhov, because I had a special interest in silence as places of creation and imagination. I replaced the punctuation with black squares of different width, representing pauses in the text. Placed on the back on the paper, they would interact with the text and when turning the page, they create a rhythm. I also tried to create a kind of suspense, using empty pages, sometimes folded or screwed up in a particular way, between the acts of this play. Then, I had to think again about the space and format of the page, and I did a book where the size of the page depends on the length of a conversation and the length of the sentences.

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Tom Oates

Tianshi Lu

Siyu Chen

Global Face
Human identity has become a global issue, especially for people who have mixed parentage, or their parents were immigrants. These individuals often struggle with their internal and external sense of identity. I attempted to document ethnic and gender diversity by tiling images of faces and thus exposing identity expectations and allowing the viewer to understand his or her own identity presumptions. The analysis of facial symmetry is done with the biometric technology of international security institutes that measures the distance between human eyes.

Sheikha Bin Dhaher

Raquel Figueira

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Qian Shi

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Peteris Lidaka

Peng QingGuo

Harm From Deep Love
This picture is made with watercolor and the figure was created by hand drawing. The story behind the picture is about a love novel with a grievous storyline throughout the novel. Believe Trees have tremendous power of live even in severe wild. Also threes have their own believes in term of yearning for life after life. Not only do the part above the ground is dogged but under the earth as well. Illusion Illusion can produce any time especially when you feel affair or offend an unforgiving mistake. The small point try to create an atmosphere of the fear has generated by people’s illusion.

Paohan Chen

Something in my head, Something in my mouth
The narrative of “something in my head, something in my mouth” loops around itself in a dreamlike world. The animation’s real focus is on perception—the pathway of brain to the mouth that blossom when expectations are upended and conventions are twisted.