Kristina Kostadinova

Parrallel Universes
Becoming part of a course with 67 people from 27 different countries was my interest from the moment I set foot in CSM. I have this rare chance in life for extraordinary communication and exchange. I saw us, like many single universes standing one next to another, as a group of birds on a wire. Moving on in perfect parallel, we have this common interest – school - but at the same time, the diversity of our backgrounds makes us so contrastive. I wanted to explore how we think, behave and communicate in this new environment. I am curious about the individual personality and the interaction between us. Meeting every single person of my own course for an hour chat, taking photographs of them, is essential for me and makes my process of work engaging and stimulating.
Lucy Walter, Type/Face
This project is called Type/Face and the idea that underlies my work is “personalization”. I created a new system that allows each individual to adapt ready-made typefaces to their own facial features, thus obtaining a personalized font, their own version of a preexisting one.
The process goes as follows: using a photograph, a special software recognizes certain facial points (like the distances between the eyes, the lips and the nose, etc) and after that it creates a grid to which the letters and symbols of a selected typeface are adapted. In the future I would like to continue studying the range of benefits that Graphic Design can gain from personalization.

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